Where There's "At Will"​ There's A Way (To Lose Your Job)

Feb 20, 2017

Last week several employees got a reminder on the meaning of "At Will" employment when they chose to protest the current administration's stance on immigration. A nationwide protest dubbed "A Day Without Immigrants" resulted in workers not showing up for their jobs. While in many cases there were no ramifications for people who walked off the job for the day, stories have begun to pop up from around the country showing that some workers were not so lucky. (Business Owners Stand by Decision to Fire Workers Who Protested.)

For employees living in an "At Will" employment state, an employer may fire you for any reason provided that reason does not run afoul of any specific federal or state laws. While an employee might believe she is engaging in a noble cause by peacefully protesting a law she believes to be wrong, there is no an inherent job protection in that political protest. When taking a stand, an employee has to be aware that it can come at great risk to their livelihood if he doesn't comply with the rules of his workplace regarding providing notice for absences. Failing to do so can result in your placard being replaced with a pink slip.

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